Business Activities

  1. Trainings on Scientific management in Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and allied activities.
  2. Skill development for rural farming community and urban clusters.
  3. Entrepreneurship development to Unemployed youths.
  4. Capacity building to farmers, students and public
  5. Technical Consultancy in Livestock farming and agriculture sector.
  6. Preparation project reports and assistance in availing Bank loans.
  7. Promotion of Agri tourism and eco tourism.
  8. Promotion of agriculture and livestock technologies through seminars, conference, workshops and webinars.
  9. Promotion of organic farming and sustainable agricultural practices.
  10. Supply chain management in fresh fruits , vegetables and animal


  1. Research and development activities in Agriculture and livestock farming
  2. Organizing awareness programs on public health with special reference to Zoonotic diseases.
  3. Supply of Agri inputs to farmers.
  4. Processing and value addition of agri and livestock products.
  5. Promotion of agri exports.